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The Vigilance Group works with corporations and businesses concerned with improving the safety of their employees during everyday routine activities. According to RAVE Mobile Safety 2018-2019 report, nearly 2 million U.S. workers will become victims of workplace violence. Unfortunately, these statistics do not include those employees that were assaulted while walking to and from their public transportation or parking lots during the workday! The annual financial loss attributed to workplace assaults is estimated to be $36 Billion.

A violent crime has a deep ripple effect on the productivity of the person victimized as well as the person’s co-workers. It is critical that every industry provide some type of vigilance and awareness training to every employee and associate to help mitigate these losses. Investing in employees’ personal safety in the workplace, as well as to and from their homes, can save a company thousands of dollars and thousands of lost hours of productivity.

Here are some figures that show the impact of violence in the business world:

• 1 out of 4 employees will be victimized
• 18,000 workplace assaults are logged weekly
• 30,000 rape or sexual assaults occur to women at work each year
• 21% of workplace homicides are done by co-workers
• 70% of all active shooter incidents are within a commerce/business setting
• Workplace catastrophes have cost publicly-traded companies 8% in shareholder value
• Lawsuits associated with workplace violence cost companies an average of $500,000 for out-of-court settlements


The Vigilance Group’s approach to working with high schools and college campuses includes three different categories. All of them are critical, but if one is overlooked, the ability to protect each student, staff member and guests is lessoned.

1) Complete Security Assessment of the entire campus and its operation during a full week, which essentially is a 24 hour/ 5-day review. This includes a full assessment debrief and comprehensive written report (Administrators only).

2) A Vigilance and Awareness Workshop for every teacher, administrator and staff member, which is focused on that particular institution’s protocol and existing emergency action plans. Training will include a Vigilance & Self-Defense Workshop; Communication Procedures; Decision Making under duress; and Survival Tips against an Active Shooter.

3) Every student, whether a high school teenager or a college male or female, needs to be trained on how to recognize danger and how to effectively respond in order to stay safe. Our Vigilance & Awareness Workshop is centered around the life styles of these young adults, and is customized for their age and for their particular school environment. They will also receive training on how to respond to an active shooter if ever faced with that scenario. The Vigilance Group has trained over 10,000 students during the past decade, and we realize changing the security mindset of any person is a “learned behavior’.


Training at churches and other religious institution usually begins with a review of real world events such as attacks on schools and churches that involve active shooters. We discuss in detail how various physical attacks took place and how the victims responded. In these discussions, we point out how these attacks could have been prevented by teaching the participant how to recognize danger (unusual behavior) by understanding and trusting their intuition.

Sessions with churches include teaching the principles of “awareness” and the various levels of logical deduction, so each person knows when and how to use different alertness levels based on the particular circumstances. During this phase of instruction, we will discuss in detail the three steps to combat active shooters which include RUN, HIDE and FIGHT and the challenges of each one of these steps. We also teach techniques and provide examples of practical “vigilance” while at home, work or church.

If you are a representative for your church or other religious institution and are interested in vigilance training for your members, volunteers or church staff, please contact us for more information.


The Vigilance Group, after receiving numerous inquiries from parents and business leaders who have experienced our training from previous workshops, now offers a customized area of training to meet the needs of any organization who is seeking this type of training for their constituents. We have discovered there are many professional organizations, civic groups, dance, cheerleading and gymnastic teams, as well as club sports teams, all with a need anddesire for these interactive seminars and workshops.

Each requested organization will receive a customized program, either a workshop or an interactive seminar, that meets the needs of the customer. These programs will be
unique for each organization and will vary depending upon the request. The training can include all, or parts, of the material from the Active Shooter Training, Vigilance & Awareness Workshop or Interactive Seminar.

Click here to learn more about how The Vigilance Group can customize a training for your organization.