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Who We Are

The Vigilance Group is a self-defense and safety training organization with a focus on empowering women to navigate the challenges of a dangerous world. Our passion lies in educating women, helping them stay vigilant, prepared, and safe through a blend of mental and physical preparedness strategies.

What We Do

We offer a range of interactive self-defense workshops and educational seminars tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of women of all ages. Our workshops range from small, intimate seminars designed for business environments to large-scale events on college campuses, accommodating hundreds of women.

All of our sessions are uniquely crafted to provide valuable insights into awareness, avoidance, and action—key principles in personal safety. Our team is widely proficient in equipping women with the tools they need to stay vigilant, no matter the circumstance.

Our Services

Women’s Self-Defense Group Workshop


Empower Hour Group Seminar


One-On-One Vigilance Coaching


Site Assessments


What Makes the Vigilance Group Different?

TVG operates on the foundational belief that safety is not just a privilege, but a right that belongs to everyone. Since our inception in 2008, we’ve dedicated ourselves to transforming this belief into action by personally training thousands of individuals on how to navigate the complexities of a dangerous world safely.

As a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, we’re not just trainers; we’re experienced protectors. Our team’s extensive background in military and law enforcement provides a unique, real-world perspective on personal safety that we share with every participant.

We believe in:

Empowerment Through Education

We empower each woman by imparting a critical skill set focused on awareness, avoidance, and action—fundamental keys to ensuring personal safety.

Experience-Based Learning

With years of military and law enforcement experience under our belts, we offer insights into personal safety that are rooted in real-world application, not just theory.

Mindset Over Muscle

Our training philosophy emphasizes the importance of mental preparedness and situational awareness over physical confrontation. We believe in equipping individuals with the knowledge to avoid dangerous situations before they escalate.

Interactive and Engaging Workshops

Our sessions are designed to be interactive, ensuring participants not only learn but also apply these crucial skills in simulated scenarios. This hands-on approach helps solidify learning and prepares individuals for real-life situations.

A Focus on Prevention

By prioritizing strategies to recognize and avoid danger, our training helps women minimize the likelihood of needing to employ physical self-defense, positioning it as a last resort.

We weave together the threads of experience, empowerment, and practical education to create safety training that prepares you not just to survive, but to thrive.

Learn how to navigate your world with confidence and peace of mind!


Michael “Moose” Moore is the Senior Partner of The Vigilance Group, LLC and has over 20 years in the United States Air Force where he served as a tactical fighter pilot flying F-4 Phantoms and F-15 Eagles. His military service also includes 12 months assigned to the United States Army on the DMZ in South Korea, where he was the commander of a Tactical Air Control Team and graduate of the South Korean Army Ranger School.

Moose retired from active duty as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1992, and completed his second career as an International Transport Pilot with Federal Express retiring in 2015.  During this period, Moose studied at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and was a member of TSA’s Air Marshal Program for 10 years.  His unique background also includes training abroad in Israel, where he completed specific training in Terrorist Threat Detection and Predictive Behavior Profiling.  He is an instructor of Krav Maga (Israeli Self Defense) and holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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