The Vigilance Group First Five Video Series

The Vigilance Group has a catalog of videos designed to help you learn the principles of vigilance from the comfort of your home. Featuring the Vigilance Group team members, these video based lessons highlight some of the most crucial elements of our training workshops. You are invited to enjoy the first five videos in our “First Five” video series. Enjoy learning how to live safely in a dangerous world!

To view the videos below, simply click the image below. The video you selected will open on a new page where you can navigate to the remaining videos.


Video 1: Introduction to The Vigilance Group

Our introductory video features an interview with Moose Moore done by WBKO (Bowling Green TV affiliate). Moose talks about the mission of The Vigilance Group  and how we train others “how to live safely in a dangerous world”,

Video 2: Vigilance Basics

“Vigilance” is recognizing any unusual activity that does not fit the context of the environment. Learn the Basics on how to live safely in a dangerous world.

Video 3: Understanding the Danger

There are so many small, simple things you can do to keep yourself safe while moving about in public. Learn how to recognize and respond to potentially dangerous situations no matter when or where they happen!

Video 4: The Right to Be Rude

In your quest to not become a victim…this is one of the best tips you could ever use! Our whole lives we are taught to be kind and respectful to others. But there is one circumstance where that rule goes out the window.

Video 5: The Right to NOT Be a Victim

This video emphasizes that each person has the right not to be a victim! Having confidence and knowing how to respond to a stranger is a critical first step in staying safe!