Women’s Self-Defense Group Workshop

Our interactive workshops are designed to prepare participants to recognize danger, and how to effectively respond in order to avoid situations where they must fight to survive. We specialize in teaching the life skill of personal safety, focusing on the principles of vigilance, awareness, and skillful response. We provide the knowledge, training, and confidence to empower women so they can avoid and respond swifty to situations with potentially dangerous outcomes.

This powerful training includes the following major areas of instruction:

  • Teaching the Skill Set of Vigilance
  • How to Prevent Becoming a Victim
  • How to First Respond to Danger
  • How to Defend Against an Attacker

This interactive training lasts 2 ½ hours and is meant for both small, intimate groups and large groups of up to hundreds of participants. All participants will be actively participating and learning self-defense principles and strategies. Priced at $150 per person, this workshop requires a minimum of 20 participants and offers an immersive experience into the world of personal safety.

Contact someone on our team or to book a Women’s Self-Defense Group Workshop for your business, group or organization.