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Welcome to the Vigilance Store, your trusted source for personal safety tools that we have personally tested and fully endorse. Each product featured here is selected for its effectiveness in enhancing safety, both at home and in public spaces.

As you equip yourself with these essential tools, please note that travelers should check airport regulations to confirm which items are permitted during air travel. Shop with confidence, knowing these are the very tools we rely on to maintain vigilance and safety in our own lives.

Home Defense Pepper Gel

Protect your home and your family from intruders with the SABRE Home Defense Pepper Gel with Wall Mount Clip. Pepper gel deploys in a powerful stream and has a long 25-foot (8-meter) range, putting more distance between you and an intruder.


Bluetooth Pepper Spray

The SABRE® SMART Pepper Spray uses Bluetooth® technology to connect to the free SABRE® Personal Safety App on your iOS or Android smartphone. A free text message containing a link to a map with your location is sent to selected contacts whenever the pepper spray is deployed.


Back to School Safety Kit

Spend more time enjoying the things you love to do and less time worrying with the confidence that comes from being prepared with the SABRE Back to School Safety Kit, featuring the SABRE Pepper Gel, Personal Alarm with LED Light, and Door Stop Alarm.


Pep Gel Finger Grip-Key Ring

The Ruger Pepper Gel can help you protect yourself from those that may not have your best interest in mind by providing maximum strength protection that’s easily carried on the go. This pepper gel contains 25 bursts (5x the competition) for protection against multiple threats.


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