Empower Hour Group Seminar

Introducing the Empower Hour Seminar, a focused session dedicated to instilling the critical skills of awareness, avoidance, and action. Tailored for environments where time is of the essence and a full workshop with the physical self-defense training isn’t an option, this seminar is ideal for empowering women with the knowledge to secure their personal safety through mental preparedness and strategic foresight.

Crafted for easy integration into a lunch hour, the Empower Hour is perfect for office teams, busy professionals, and any group eager to learn how to navigate safely through life’s uncertainties. Our approach emphasizes the mental over the physical, teaching you the art of “fighting without fighting” — recognizing that the most powerful defense is avoiding danger before it escalates.

Designed to accommodate various needs, including those of women in assisted living facilities or individuals facing physical challenges, our seminar ensures that everyone, regardless of physical capability, can achieve a heightened state of security and confidence.

Leveraging The Vigilance Group’s extensive military and law enforcement expertise, the Empower Hour Seminar offers an essential guide on “How to Live Safely in a Dangerous World,” in a practical, accessible format. At $100 per person, this seminar requires a group of at least 20 participants, making it ideal for teams and organizations looking to enhance their safety mindset in a concise format.

Learn more about our Empower Hour Group Seminars or to schedule one for your business, group, or organization.