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Active Shooter Training


If you are ever faced with an active shooter, responding appropriately requires advanced thought and muscle memory. Your most important tool when confronted with danger is your brain. Knowing when and how to respond to danger is a learned behavior that must be taught and practiced. Never assume that you are safe. Our approach at The Vigilance Group is to teach every participant how to survive and/or win the fight when faced with this type of scenario. It is critical to understand that law enforcement will not be on the scene for 3-5 minutes and medical first responders may be delayed for much longer.

Our Active Shooter Training is a hands-on, two-hour class led by experts in the field. We will cover the following topics and scenarios:

• Understanding that danger can occur anywhere.

• Any person, regardless of age, sex or ethnicity, has the capability of being violent. With a few exceptions, most active shooters have been familiar with the victims or the location where they committed their attacks.

• Planning an avenue of escape and know where exits are located.

• Knowing the difference between cover and concealment.

• Understanding the physiological effects of fear and learning how to use it to your advantage.

• The only lethal part of a handgun or rifle is the end of the barrel. If the shooter is not pointing at you, or if they are reloading, you have options to escape or time to fight back.

• If you find yourself in the same room as an active shooter, you are the first responder.

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Awareness & Vigilance Workshop


Our interactive workshops are designed to prepare participants to recognize danger, and how to effectively respond in order to avoid situations where they must fight to survive. We specialize in teaching the life skill of personal safety, focusing on the principles of vigilance, awareness, and skillful response. Our purpose is to give everyone permission on how not to become a victim. We provide the knowledge, training, and confidence to empower them so they can avoid situations with potentially dangerous outcomes.

This powerful training includes the following three major areas of instruction:

• Teaching the Skill Set of Vigilance
• How to Prevent Becoming a Victim
• How to First Respond to Danger

This interactive training lasts 2 ½ hours is meant for both small, intimate groups and large groups of up to hundreds of participants. All participants will be actively participating and learning our principals and strategies

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Interactive Seminars


The Vigilance Group has focused our military background and law enforcement experiences to teach large groups in a seminar setting, on “How to Live Safely in a Dangerous World.”

These seminars are tailored to the customer where time and space are limited and a complete workshop is not feasible. Our Interactive Seminars are held in a classroom style setting, and can easily be completed in a 45 – 60 minute timeframe. This type of training is ideal for office staff at lunchtime, busy executives, or any group that desires to understand and learn the principles of Awareness, Avoidance and Action. We often refer to these Interactive Seminars as teaching the “art of fighting without fighting.”

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Security Site Assessments


(2-5 Days Durations)

The Vigilance Group has the unique qualifications to conduct an on-site Risk and Security Assessment with trained experts and provide a comprehensive report that will identify the problem areas with recommended solutions. These solutions are supported by a variety of government and industry references that are recognized by authorities across the United States. Our standard at The Vigilance Group is to write and deliver the document within 7 days after concluding our site visit.

The Vigilance Group will manage the overall coordination and scheduling of these comprehensive Security Site Assessments, depending upon access and coordination with the customer. These assessments will begin at each location at least 30 minutes prior to the normal operating hours of the business, or in the case of a school assessment, 30 minutes before the arrival of the students. The Vigilance Group Staff will coordinate with each school Principal, or the designated staff member in the business, in order to have complete access of the property while the Assessment is being conducted. This could take more than one full day, depending upon the size and location of the facility.

For elementary schools, our primary concern will focus on the overall security procedures during arrivals, lunch, recess and dismissal at each school. High Schools, colleges and universities require a much broader assessment, because of the scope and size of the various campuses. Those assessments will be conducted over multiple days, because of the extracurricular activities that take place in those environments.

Security Site Assessments for businesses can be equally as diverse depending on the product and services being rendered by that client. This is critical for many companies, as “business continuity” can be severely interrupted as a result of a catastrophic event within the facility itself. Our goal is to help mitigate the possibility of a critical event through these Security Site Assessments.

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