About Us

What We Do

The Vigilance Group is a personal security & safety consulting company that teaches people how to live safely in a dangerous world. Our Workshops and Interactive Seminars are designed for those businesses and their associates, who have no experience in how to recognize and/or respond to dangerous situations. This Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business shares our years of military and law enforcement experiences to empower each and every participant by teaching the skill set of awareness, avoidance and action as the keys to staying safe.

Our Mission

The mission of The Vigilance Group is to inform, educate and train groups and individuals in all aspects of safety awareness techniques, personal self-defense and active shooter response tactics. Our goal is to empower the 92% of Americans who have never served in the military, law enforcement, trained in any kind of combative, or have never owned a firearm.

Meet the Team


CEO, Founder

When Lt Colonel Moose Moore retired from active duty as a Fighter Pilot in 1992, he studied at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and was a member of TSA’s Air Marshal Program for 10 years, while flying as an Airline Transport Pilot. His travels abroad include the country of Israel, where Moose completed specific training in Terrorist Threat Detection and Predictive Profiling. He is an instructor of Krav Maga (Israeli self-defense) and holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Moose has drawn from his military background and other tactical experiences to teach Vigilance and Awareness skills throughout the country. However, his is greatest accomplishment is being married 49 years to his wife Corinne, and has 3 adult children and 11 beautiful grandchildren.



Erica is a native of Nashville, TN, and graduated from Tennessee State University. She previously worked as a Federal Investigator with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, investigating workplace discrimination.  An ordained minister and author, she has years of experience serving in several ministries, working with underprivileged communities, and broken families. Erica was a college athlete and is still training young athletes in track & field. Currently, Erica works as an Area Representative with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in middle schools, high schools, and colleges where she trains leaders and influences the influencers. Her physical fitness background and love of humanity make her a perfect fit for The Vigilance Group. Erica is married to LaJuan Diggs and has three sons Eric, Jordan, and Jonathan Diggs, who are all college athletes.

Mandy Rogers


Mandy is passionate about maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual fitness while emphasizing the importance of empowering young women and raising situational awareness in everyday life. She has over 20 years’ experience as a certified personal trainer, group fitness coach, and yoga instructor. Mandy is currently employed with Lifetime Fitness and holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Western Kentucky University. As a native of Franklin, TN, she is deeply rooted in Catholic education, having attended both St. Henry Catholic School and Father Ryan High School. She has also been a frequent substitute teacher at St. Matthew School and was classroom assistant teacher for the Pre-K. Mandy enjoys being active, traveling, and spending time with her husband, daughter, and two standard poodles.



Julie McKim is one of our female instructors and mother of two sons and one daughter. Julie has Bachelors Degree in Fashion design from Auburn University, a former athlete and is a certified fitness instructor. Due to the fact her husband often travels for his job, she understands that she must be the nurturer and protector of their family when her husband is away. Because of her ties to her community and her love for her three kids, she is passionate about teaching women of all ages how to defend themselves, which makes her very effective when leading Vigilance Workshops with all female participants. Fitness is also an integral part to her everyday life and she loves the confidence she has gained going through our training and is excited about giving back.


Military Liaison / Instructor

Mandy Fundis is a fitness enthusiast from Northern Arizona who brings energy to all her endeavors. She has a degree from Black Hills State University and has traveled the world as a military spouse for the past 11 years. During these years, as a mother of three active children traveling the world, Mandy learned the importance of vigilance and situational awareness and is a natural fit for the Vigilance Group. Since joining our team, Mandy has joined the United States Air Force Reserve as a special operations “Sensor Operator”, which enhances her resume in teaching others how to live safely in a dangerous world.

Charles Roselle


With nearly two decades working at the highest levels of federal law enforcement and in tech security, Charles has exceptional strategic understanding of security. As a United States Secret Service (USSS) Special Agent, Charles planned security and protected U.S. Presidents, world leaders, events of national significance, high profile physical structures, and more. Charles served five years on permanent Presidential Protective Division (PPD) detail protecting Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Charles was also part of the Counter Surveillance Unit where he identified security vulnerabilities and implemented actionable counter measures to successfully secure high-profile Presidential events and venues.


Instructor Emeritus

Patrick currently resides Dubuque, IA. He is a self defense expert with over 30 years of training and teaching experience in martial arts and law enforcement. He is a certified black belt in multiple martial art disciplines and studied predictive behavioral profiling in Israel. Patrick was an instrumental leader in the development of The Vigilance Group, lending his vision and training experiences toward our workshops and training curriculum. He is a retired Reserve Deputy Sheriff and is one of our “on call” consultants when needed for advice or training. As a father of four and husband, Patrick is committed to the mission of protecting women and children from vulnerable situations.



Adam is a retired U.S. Army Sergeant First Class, who served with distinction for 17 years before he was medically discharged for combat wounds received serving in the Middle East. He was a member of the highly regarded 101st Airborne Division during his illustrious career, and is the recipient of The Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal for valor. Adam’s strengths are founded on his leadership and teaching skills which served him well as a Platoon Sergeant in combat, as well as a Chief Training Instructor for the United States Army at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Adam is a proud father and husband, who is a devoted Christian and his very active in his church community. He has a passion on his heart for training men, women and children on being more vigilant, with the hope they can live more safely in a dangerous world.