When Lt Colonel Moose Moore retired from active duty as a Fighter Pilot in 1992, he studied at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and was a member of TSA’s Air Marshal Program for 10 years, while flying as an Airline Transport Pilot. His travels abroad include the country of Israel, where Moose completed specific training in Terrorist Threat Detection and Predictive Profiling. He is an instructor of Krav Maga (Israeli self-defense) and holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Moose has drawn from his military background and other tactical experiences to teach Vigilance and Awareness skills throughout the country. However, his is greatest accomplishment is being married 46 years to his wife Corinne, and has 3 adult children and 10 beautiful grandchildren.
SDVOSB: “We’re proud to be part of the Certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, where 51% of the company must be owned by a Service Disabled Veteran.  We chose to apply for this certification because of our interest in giving back to the military community and their families.  Currently, 60% of our instructors are Military Veterans, all with the same goal.  To help teach others how to live safely in a dangerous world.”



Russ Bohlinger is a retired US Army Ranger. He has served in 7 deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq in support of the Global War on Terrorism. He retired from injuries sustained after 15 years of Active Duty Service. He was born and raised in Middle Michigan and grew up a competitive athlete. His diverse experience includes being a Senior Leader in 75th Ranger Regiment, 5 years as a Crossfit L1/L2 Coach, Army Master Fitness Trainer, Best Ranger Competition Coach for the 101st Airborne Division, and volunteering with the local Nashville community. Russ is passionate about helping and continuing to serve outside the Military. His knowledge and experience from the Special Operations Community brings a unique perspective on Vigilance and Safety.



Mary Leonard is a 2015 graduate of Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina, where she played four years of Division I lacrosse. She earned her degree in Psychology with a minor in Educational Studies. Mary discovered her passion for coaching after a career ending hip injury during her senior season. Since that time, she has coached middle school and high school girls throughout the middle Tennessee area, while working in Admissions at a private school in Hendersonville, TN. Since moving back to her hometown, she also began instructing at a local Pure Barre studio. Mary enjoys encouraging her athletes and clients to push themselves past their comfort zones. She is passionate about empowering young ladies to feel confident, strong, beautiful, and unique. In 2013, Mary participated in The Vigilance Group self-defense course and felt called to help others benefit from everything she learned and continues to use in her daily life.



Patrick Terry is a self-defense expert with over 30 years of training and teaching experience. Among other martial arts training, he is a certified Black Belt instructor in Israeli Krav Maga. Patrick maintains a 13+ year law enforcement commission serving as a Chief Inspector Reserve Deputy Sheriff with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. Patrick has trained internationally in Israel and has specialized counter terrorism threat detection training, predictive profiling and First Responder assessment training under the Department of Homeland Security. Patrick is a seasoned vigilance and awareness instructor with The Vigilance Group and has contributed to the organization’s curriculum and trained audiences throughout the country. Patrick is a proud father of three, strong in his Christian faith and active in his local church.



Adam is a retired U.S. Army Sergeant First Class, who served with distinction for 17 years before he was medically discharged for combat wounds received serving in the Middle East.  He was a member of the highly regarded 101st Airborne Division during his illustrious career, and is the recipient of The Purple Heart and Bronze Star Medal for valor.  Adam’s strengths are founded on his leadership and teaching skills which served him well as a Platoon Sergeant in combat, as well as a Chief Training Instructor for the United States Army at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Adam is a proud father and husband, who is a devoted Christian and his very active in his church community.  He has a passion on his heart for training men, women and children on being more vigilant, with the hope they can live more safely in a dangerous world.

Julie McKim


Julie McKim is one of our female instructors and mother of two sons and one daughter . Julie has Bachelors Degree in Fashion design from Auburn University, a former athlete and is a certified fitness instructor. Due to the fact her husband often travels for his job, she understands that she must be the nurturer and protector of their family when her husband is away. Because of her ties to her community  and her love for her three kids, she is passionate about teaching women of all ages how to defend themselves, which makes her very effective when leading Vigilance Workshops with all female participants. Fitness is also an integral part to her everyday life and she loves the confidence she has gained going through our training and is excited about giving back.



I would highly recommend the training class that Moose and his team at the Vigilance Group provides. Active shooting situations are unfortunately becoming almost commonplace in today’s society. No one can predict when and where these terrible events can take place next, so we felt it was critical to try to prepare our employees as best we could. The Vigilance Group’s class did just that…knowledge is power and the training we received provided that to our company.

Jason Meyer
Chief Executive Officer
Office 615.393.8262

The Ingram Group

I cannot adequately thank you and The Vigilance Group for Tuesday night and your awareness and vigilance insight that you shared with the girls of The Ingram Group and our guests.
You empowered a room full of young women (OK, a couple not-so-young!) to be aware, to put down the phone, to lock doors, to look up, to stand tall, to be loud and push back and hit hard and make noise   I have told both my girls throughout their lives to just be aware of their surroundings.  In this day of connectivity and the evolution of impatience in waiting to tell or be told something through social media, it’s hard to convince them they aren’t being aware you gave my sometimes badgering words new teeth, new validity and I’m very grateful.  But you also challenged me to be aware as well in my business world that I operate in, I feel safe, cocooned, and familiar.  I’m looking through a different filter now and I am better equipped if something unexpected should happen.

Tennessee Dept of Transportation

Michael “Moose” Moore,LtCol,USAF (ret)
The Vigilance Group
9300 Sioux Drive
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

Re: Vigilance Training for TDOT Employees

Mr. Moore,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for coordinating and facilitating the recent Vigilance Workshops for our HQ employees. We have heard several comments from class participants indicating that the training was both informative and fun. Our folks really liked the fact that each participant had the opportunity to learn hands-on defense/fight techniques from the instructors and practice these during the class. We feel that the training was highly effective and would definitely recommend your courses to any organization.

Clay Culwell
Assistant Director
Occupational Health & Safety Division
James K. Polk Building, 18th Floor
505 Deaderick Street, Nashville, TN 37243

Brentwood United Methodist Church

Dear “Moose” Moore,
Thank you so much for bringing The Vigilance Group expertise to our staff.  The evening sessions were very organized and informative, and ultimately empowered our people to act confidently, think smartly, and provide safety during critical times.  We highly recommend your team of experts to teach and train in vigilance, awareness and strength.

Leslie Hotzfeld, Executive Director
Brentwood United Methodist Church

Roman Catholic Diocese of Nashville

The Vigilance Group allows me to do my ministry in a secure space that I can trust. When I have 1,800 teenagers in one room, the Vigilance Group allows me to focus on them and their needs. The expertise and assurance the Vigilance Group provides is in-valuable. We must keep our kids safe.

Bill Staley
Office for Youth & Young Adult Ministry
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Nashville

The Mother-Daughter Serving Circle of Nashville

The Mother-Daughter Serving Circle of Nashville thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and your team at the Vigilance Workshop a few weeks ago.  It was powerful and informative for all of us.  I  know we all came away feeling more empowered to protect ourselves and to be more aware of our surroundings and potential dangerous situations.  We particularly are thankful that our daughters (many in high school and several going to college this year or next) were given the information they needed to defend themselves if they should ever need to do so.  The hands-on practice of different defensive moves was especially helpful to all of us!  We gained confidence in our strength and power.  Many thanks for all you do!  You offer such a wonderful workshop and everyone (males and females) should invest in signing up!  
Many thanks,

Beth Downey
President of the Mother-Daughter Serving Circle 

Father Ryan High School

“In our recent studies, parents rank safety and security #1 among their concerns when choosing schools. School’s need a strong strategic partner in protecting and educating their students, faculty, and parent communities. The Vigilance Group provides the experience, expertise, and partnership for us to plan, prepare, and execute the personal and campus safety needs of our community.”

Jim McIntyre
Father Ryan High School
“Creating the New Standard in Catholic Education.”

St. Georges Episcopal Pre-School

To Whom it May Concern;

The Vigilance Group gave a presentation and workshop to the 50 teachers at St. George’s Kindergarten and Mother’s Day Out in February 2019. They could not have been more thorough, professional, and knowledgeable. They are extremely enthusiastic about their subject which made it fun and interesting for the teachers! Moose and Russ taught us how to keep ourselves free from physical harm, aggression, and being victimized by hostile prowlers and intruders. We learned a lot, and went away with tools to cover a personal attack or school intruder.

The Nashville community is growing by the day, and sadly that means more crime. I would highly recommend hiring the Vigilance Group for training workshops and in-services on personal and physical safety classes. They do not disappoint!

Zee Pendleton
St. George’s Kindergarten, Director
4715 Harding Rd.
Nashville, TN 37205


We feel The Vigilance Group’s training has increased our employees’ awareness to the warning signs of danger.

We highly recommend the training the Vigilance Group provides to any group that cares about employee safety.


No one wants to think about being the victim of an attack, but dangerous situations happen every day and we must be prepared. Moose and The Vigilance Group team taught our associates how to be aware of their surroundings and empowered them to be in control of their personal safety so they don’t become a victim. Our associates feel safer, more confident and more prepared to protect themselves in a dangerous situation.


Moose’s compelling and highly effective vigilance training taught us vital self-defense and awareness techniques in an energetic, engaging session. Our student-athletes and staff came away equipped with the knowledge and skills to be more vigilant, alert and safer.


Moose was an excellent demonstrator. He explained with ease the moves that were available to men and women, no matter shape or size, and worked the room to ensure that all of the students were participating and had a chance to practice getting the moves right. He easily held command of the room and did a superb job of expanding their ideas of what they could do to protect themselves.