Tennessee Rep. Gino Bulso Honors Moose Moore and The Vigilance Group


The Vigilance Group and Moose Moore (Lt. Col., USAF, Ret.) were honored by Rep. Gino Bulso during a session of the Tennessee House of Representatives. The resolution, House Resolution No. 47, recognized Moose Moore for his personal service in the United States Air Force as well as the service he has provided to the community through his work with The Vigilance Group. Rep. Bulso’s resolution highlighted the critical service The Vigilance Group provides to the citizens of Tennessee and beyond by teaching them and preparing them in active shooter training and self-defense. Read the entirety of Tennessee House Resolution No. 47 in text form below or click on the image and PDF to an image of the resolution itself.


A resolution to honor and commend Michael “Moose” Moore and The Vigilance Group for their contributions to the State of Tennessee.

Whereas, it is fitting that the members of this legislative body should salute those citizens who, through their extraordinary efforts, have distinguished themselves as community leaders of whom we can all be proud; and

Whereas, one such noteworthy is Michael “Moose” Moore, a highly respected member of his community who has dedicated himself to improving the quality of life for his fellow citizens; and

Whereas, desiring to support this country, Mr. Moore served in the United States Air Force for over two decades, and after leaving the military, he founded The Vigilance Group, a personal security and safety consulting company, to share his learned skills of self-defense and threat detection with the general public; and

Whereas, highly trained and qualified, Mr. Moore is a Krav Magi teacher and a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and through The Vigilance Group, he provides active shooter training, interactive seminars, site assessments, and vigilance workshops to schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations; and

Whereas, he has been featured on News Channel 5 for his company’s recommendation on home defense methods and procedures after a local break-in occurred; and

Whereas, Michael Moore epitomizes the spirit and commitment that are characteristic of a true Tennessean, and

Whereas, it is appropriate that the members of this legislative body acknowledge and applaud Mr. Moore and The Vigilance Group to their dedication to the State of Tennessee, and its citizens; now, therefore,

Be It Resolved by THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF THE ONE HUNDRED THIRTEENTH GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, that we honor and commend Michael “Moose” Moore and The Vigilance Group for their commitment to their community and the State of Tennessee and extend to them our best wishes for much continued success.

ADOPTED: March 30, 2023

SIGNED  Cameron Sexton, Speaker of the House

SIGNED Gino Bulso, Representative