VigilanceRecognizing any unusual behavior that does not fit the context of the environment

To recognize any behavior, you must first have your eyes opened and brain engaged (awareness) so you can make some type of logical deduction. At Vigilance Group, we teach that it is important to be aware of your surroundings in public locations such as parking lots, shopping malls, movie theaters, places of business, etc. You must be ready to react if a situation goes down.We have divided awareness level into three different zones:

  • White Zone – Unaware
  • Yellow Zone – Alert and Attentive
  • Red Zone – Fight or Flight

The White Zone is relaxed and safe. It is potentially dangerous to stay in this zone if you have not made a personal security assessment.

The Yellow Zone is alert & attentive. You should recognize most unusual behavior or activities whether it is an inanimate object (package, automobile, luggage, clothing, etc) or something a person is doing regardless of their race or ethnicity. We define this recognition as skillful observation & response which ultimately can increase your ability to avoid a dangerous situation before it occurs. It is important to be in this zone when you are not in your safe space. Being able to react because you are aware of your surroundings will keep you safe in times.

The Red Zone, which we also refer to as fight or flight or life over death is the area we all hope we can avoid. You will need to react fast and make quick decisions. In this zone we teach you to escape and survive. Seconds count when it comes to life and death and you need to be able to react.

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