I in 3 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime in America.

(George Mason University, Worldwide Sexual Assault Statistics, 2005)


Every 90 seconds there is a sexual assault in the United States.

(Finkelhor et al., 1990)

Department of Labor Statistics Reports

• Since 2010, there has been 83 Murders of Real Estate Professionals
• In addition, there has been 940 non-fatal assaults of Real Estate Professionals in that same timeframe

National Association of Realtors – 2017 Safety Report

• 50% of all Realtors meet their Buyer/Seller for first time at the home
• Only 37% of female Realtors have ever taken a Self-Defense Class
• Only 22% of female Realtors have ever taken a Realtor Safety Class

A Study in 2011 indicated the following trends:

• Women Real Estate agents make up 70% of the assault victims
• Majority of these attacks occur on Thursday or Friday afternoon.
• Guns are used in 50% of the attacks
• Robbery was the primary intention going in to most of these attacks, but frequently ended in murder

Skillful Observation & Response for Agents, is mandatory in order to avert a potential attack. Be Prepared when faced with these issues:

• Showing a Stranger a property
• Riding with an unknown client (male or female)
• Inappropriate questions
• Someone who is too charming
• Unexpected changes to the itinerary
• Showing property at odd hours of the day
• Client displaying inappropriate behavior

Prevention Tips

• Bring another person (associate, friend, relative) when meeting a stranger (single male) for the first showing of a property. You can reciprocate your associate has the same dilemma.
• Meet your client for the first time at your office if possible. At the very least, research the person through the Internet, google or social media.
• If possible try to meet your “unknown client” in a public place first.
• Before you show the property to anyone, know the perimeter of the property. Know the area and avenues of escape if required.
• Keep a charged cell phone. Use a Smart phone App, that allows you to alert friends (your location & emergency) with the push of one button.
• Consider keeping a sharpened Pencil in your hand when showing the property to a stranger. This is an innocuous weapon that can be used quickly and effectively with little movement or skill required.
• Make sure your office, associate or relative knows your whereabouts and periodically calls you while at the property.
• Use caution and have a plan if you are the passenger in the client’s automobile.
• If your life is threatened, consider striking first and escape immediately. Referred to as “stun & run”.
• If being robbed….never give up your life for “things”
• Never go to a second location! Even if a gun is used to threaten you, once you see an escape route (outside) then redirect the weapon and run! If you go with them….there is over a 90% chance you will die that day.

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