TVG’S Mother Daughter Workshop

We have a very special offer for all of our local mothers and daughters this Holiday season…

What is the Workshop About?

As our country continues to find itself in a state of chaos and disorder, it has never been more important than to know how to act vigilantly in any given situation. Our workshop’s goal is to provide an opportunity to empower women and teach them how to act safely in the dangerous world that we live in.

Who can Attend the Workshop?

We are accepting mothers with children over 12 years of age alongside any single women who do not have any children. The course is just over two hours long.

Will I be Safer After Attending?

Absolutely! You will obtain crucial knowledge that’s key to personal safety. We focus on prioritizing awareness, avoidance, and action during our workshops and believe that you will significantly build your confidence to empower you to avoid potentially dangerious circumstances.

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Still have Questions?

We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our organization, or our workshops that you might have. Our staff is prepped and ready to help you at a moment’s notice. Shoot us an email or call anytime!

Want to go Virtual?

Here at The Vigilance Group, we also provide a unique opportunity to allow people to get all the benefits of our in person training with a comprehensive online course. Click this box or the button below to check out our Teachable course!