Vigilance Workshop




In this hands-on workshop, the Vigilance Group teaches the participants how to live safely in a dangerous world, focusing on the principles of awareness, avoidance and skillful response. After the classroom presentation, the instructors from the Vigilance Group work with everyone in the class, teaching them the necessary self defense skills required in order to escape and survive if they were ever physically attacked. Our goal is to teach the life skill of vigilance by creating a mindset that you never have to become a victim. The defensive techniques that we teach are for last resort measures in those instances where the victim could not avoid the attack. The Active Shooter Response Training is focused on teaching how to survive a random attack by understanding the principles of RUN, HIDE or FIGHT. It is designed for the every day person who may find themselves caught in the middle of an active shooter event. This specific training can be added to the workshop upon request by the client.

In this hands-on seminar, the Vigilance Group team talks about how to live safely in a dangerous world, focusing on the principles of vigilance, awareness, and skillfull response. After the presentation, trainers from the Vigilance Group work with the participants, demonstrating self-defense skills. The workshop is focused on teaching the physical defensive techniques necessary to escape assault and survive.


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