Security Risk Assessment for Public & Private Schools




The Vigilance Group uses their Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business status, to utilize retired military experts on performing comprehensive Risk Assessments for both public and private schools settings. We have taken decades of military (and law enforcement) experience, to evaluate both the strengths and weaknesses of every schools’ security processes, to include: the physical property, as well as the culture and procedures of the staff, teachers and administrators. We are not a company that focuses on firearms or training security teams. We do not promote or recommend any particular security product. Our focus is to identify those areas that could be flaws in the overall safety and security of your students and staff. Each Assessment begins on the school property one hour before student arrivals. We remain on campus the entire day observing arrivals, classrooms, recess, lunch and dismissal. The Principal and key administrators are interviewed, as well as random teachers and staff. At the end of each Assessment a full Report outlining the Findings, Recommendations & Best Practices will be provided.


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